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    Canary Islands, Span. Islas Canarias, number of seven islands (1990 pop. 1,589,403), 2,808 sq mi (7,273 sq km), autonomous area of Spain, within the Atlantic Ocean off Western Sahara. They constitute two provinces of Spain. Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1990 pop music. 770,627), 1,239 sq mi (3,209 sq kilometer), includes Tenerife, Palma, Gomera, and Hierro. Las Palmas (1990 pop. 818,776), 1,569 sq mi (4,064 sq km), includes Grand Canary, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura is 67 mi (108 km) from the African shore. The islands, of volcanic beginning, are rugged Mt. Teide (12,162 ft/3,707 m) may be the greatest point in Spain.

    Wine ended up being the export that is main of Canaries until the grape blight of 1853 its place ended up being taken by cochineal until aniline dyes arrived to basic usage. Today the exports that are leading bananas, sugarcane, tomatoes, potatoes, and tobacco, that are grown where irrigation is achievable. There is fishing regarding the open seas, and also the Canaries, along with their subtropical weather and fine beaches, have grown to be a tourist center that is major. An oil refinery and other large-scale companies are situated at Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
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    Opposition to Franco's regime did not commence to organize before the late 1950s, which experienced an upheaval of events like the Communist Party of Spain therefore the development of varied nationalist, leftist events.
    Present day
    Parliament for the Canary Islands

    Following a death of Franco there is a pro-independence movement that is armed in Algeria, the MPAIAC. There are some pro-independence political events, for instance the CNC and also the Popular Front associated with the Canary Islands, but none of them openly calls for an struggle that is armed. Their popular support is insignificant, without any existence in either the autonomous parliament or the cabildos insulares.

    After the establishment of a democratic monarchy that is constitutional Spain, autonomy had been given to the Canaries, with a law passed in 1982. In 1983, the very first autonomous elections were held, and were won by the Socialist that is spanish workers Party (PSOE). Within the autonomous elections of 2007, the PSOE gained a plurality of seats, nevertheless the nationalist Canarian Coalition as well as the conservative Partido Popular (PP) formed a ruling coalition government. [9]
    Federal government and politics

    The Autonomous Community of this Canary Islands is comprised of two provinces of Spain, Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, whose capitals (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife) are co-capitals for the community that is autonomous. All the seven islands that are major ruled by the island council called cabildo insular.


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